San Diego Economic Consultants

Since 1985, San Diego Economic Consultants have provided expert witness testimony on economic issues in San Diego Municipal Court, California Superior Court and U. S. District Court under the direction of Chief Economist, Michael Nakada Ph. D.

We are located at 1516 West Redwood Street, Suite 207, San Diego California 92101. Our office telephone number is 619-692-3137 email for more information.

Professional Experience
Academic Experience
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Willamette University: B. A. Mathematics, 1972

University of California, Santa Barbara: Ph. D. Economics, 1979

Professional Experience

Chief Economist from January 1985 to the present, San Diego Economic Consultants, San Diego California.

Provide expert witness testimony on economic issues in San Diego Municipal Court, California Superior Court and U. S. District Court. Served as plaintiff and defense expert.

Senior Economist from October 1981 to the present, Navy Personnel Research and Development Center, San Diego, California.

Responsible for planning, directing , coordinating and implementing basic, exploratory, and advanced research and engineering development in Navy manpower, personnel and training. Responsible for supervising the professional and support personnel assigned to the projects and delegating responsibilities to them in such areas as economics, statistics, operations research, mathematics and computer science. Communicate scientific and management information both orally and in writing at all levels inside and outside the organization.

Research Economist from September 1979 to October 1981 at the Center for Naval Analyses, Alexandria, Virginia

Responsible for the development of economic/econometric models of Navy first-term, enlisted retention. Developed models of submarine officer retention, personnel productivity and readiness, and military compensation and retirement.

Academic Experience

Research Associate, August 1975 to 1977. Department of Economics, University of California, Los Angeles

Provided technical support, computer programming, model validation and computational testing for a National Institute of Health study of the economic factors of marital dissolution, and a Department of Labor study of the labor supply behavior of older workers.

Teaching Assistant, September 1974 to 1977

Responsible for grading exams, lecturing, conducting lab and review sessions, assisting in the preparation of course materials and exams for graduate microeconomics theory classes. Graded exams for the undergraduate economics statistics courses.

Principal Research Areas

Labor/human resource economics, applied microeconomics, economics, statistical and mathematical methods and models.

Application of economics and statistics to labor supply models (military and civilian), minimum wage and unemployment issues, manpower and production planning, cost benefit analysis, marital dissolution and fertility studies, and legal issues.

Speeches, Technical Presentations and Conference Participation

October 5 - 8, 1989

Chairperson for the Labor Market-Public Policy session, Atlantic Economic Society Conference, Montreal, Canada.

June 18 - 22, 1989

Discussant in the Labor Market Theory session, Western Economic Association Annual Conference, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

June 25 - 27, 1986

Training Resource Management, Naval Reserve MPT Research Conference, Monterey, California.

October 11 - 14, 1984

Discussant in the Economics of Military Manpower session, Atlantic Economic Society Conference, Montreal, Canada.

Professional Memberships

American Economic Association

American Law and Economics Association

National Association of Forensic Economists

Society of Labor Economists

Western Economic Association